How To Hire A Quality Polished Concrete Contractor

Honestly, I’ve had some serious trouble when it comes to hiring tradesmen in the past. And the most recent “horror story” that I want to share is related to a polished concrete company that did some work for me. These guys were a real group of cowboys. It’s actually embarrassing to admit that I was scammed but I think it’s important to raise awareness of these types of operators.

So with in mind I’ve created this post that will inform you of exactly what you need to do, if you want to make sure you only hire the best of the best.

The first and absolute most important thing to watch out for is a companies testimonials. There’s no point seeing some random words on a website. You have to see pictures of their previous work. In fact nowadays I always get the phone numbers of their most recent clients and actually give them a call. Sometimes I may even pop around and inspect their work myself. This is really the only surefire way to know that the guys you are hiring are as good as they claim to be. Otherwise you’re just guessing.

The second think that I always recommend people to do, is get copies of all their guild memberships, insurance and have a detailed quote drawn up so that you can see exactly where every single penny is going. Some guys will try and throw in hidden charges that you don’t even know about. A 100% itemized bill will quickly put an end to any of that nonsense.

If you follow these two steps you should avoid hiring someone who will at best mess you about and at worst do a terrible job and cost you large amounts of money.

If you are looking for a recommendation for a quality polished concrete company in the UK, then the guys I just linked are the absolute very best you will find. They have fantastic guarantees, only carry out the finest workmanship and are actually very competitively priced as well. They are also specialists in polished concrete floors and polished concrete worktops.

Check them out and I promise you will be very happy that you did.

Polished Concrete – Dispelling The Myths

Does your flooring need a total makeover? Do the scratches and splits on your laminate make your home look old and neglected? Is the sheen all lost? Does the hollow sound while you walk make the whole laminate idea suddenly feel so artificial? Have you had to replace the flooring too soon or once too often? Worse still, have you just learned that your health is compromised by the type of flooring you have used? Is the cost of flooring outrageously high? This is the downside of laminate and hardwood flooring. Maybe you thought of going for concrete flooring, but the myths you heard left you shocked, frustrated and depressed. Let us delve into the truth about concrete flooring.

polished concrete floor


The first thing you must have heard is that concrete floors are cold. While this may have been true half a decade ago, the change in insulation now has this ancient fact absolutely wrong. Vapor barriers can now be installed, thus there will be no absorption of moisture. Better still, we now have concrete mixtures that allow you to install concrete even in extremely low temperatures.


When compared to laminate or ceramic flooring, concrete seems expensive. However, the initial cost of concrete flooring is ludicrously low when compared to the frequency of replacing laminate floors for example. Moreover, polishing concrete floors is very affordable, ranging between $2 and $8 per square foot, depending on the type of polishing you opt to go for.


The misconception of dull concrete floors has been drowned by all the possibilities of polishing, staining, sanding and sealing. This will work whether you intend to have the traditional or modern look in your home or office. Let us look at what you can do to and with your concrete flooring:

  1. Polish up the gray floor. Even if it is just plain, this is bound to give it an impressive sheen. The cracks, aggregate and differences in tone only serve to enhance a natural look, complementing the luster.
  2. Stain the concrete. This will depend on how creative you get. There is a wide range of colors and techniques to choose from, and the ultimate result is a unique finish, only for you. You can even vary the techniques and colors, as we have already stated. It’s all at your discretion.
  3. Score in grid patterns. When coupled with a seal (high-gloss), the floor gives an impression of limestone. You can also go for an acrylic sealer to create the impression of a “wet” look.
  4. Go for faux finishes. These resemble marble.
  5. When the concrete is still wet, you can have it stamped with imprints that look like wood.
  6. If your walls are stone veneer, it is only best to complement the rusty look with a concrete flooring.

If you intend to use concrete flooring outdoors, you can go for silicone-based sealers. This helps the floor not to have a “wet look”.

Concrete floors are very durable. If well maintained and polished, they can last even for an entire century. Cleaning and maintenance of concrete floors is also very simple.

Why go for more expensive, hard to maintain and less durable options?